8 Powerful Apps to Boost Your Productivity – The Prime View Team Choice

The internet puts a wealth of information at our disposal, but instead of boosting our productivity, we often find it hard to stay focused. Many of us fail to tap into the full potential of numerous apps designed to accelerate our progress. To help you make the most of your tools, we’ve put together a lineup of 8 apps that The Prime View relies on daily and can vouch for their effectiveness. We’re curious to know about the tools and apps you use to enhance your results, whether in your work or personal life.


Canva is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to graphic design apps. Canva’s interface is super intuitive. They’ve got this massive library of templates, images, and fonts at your disposal. Whether you’re putting together a killer presentation, crafting visuals for your social media, or creating compelling marketing materials, just upload your photos and videos, play around with backgrounds, fonts, and colors, and watch as your social media posts become absolute eye-catchers.

Beena Ammanath clasps her hands and smiles. A signed copy of her book about boosting productivity.

Canva for teams: $119.99/year or $12.99/month


Grammarly is a lifesaver, especially if English isn’t your native language. With Grammarly, it’s not just about fixing mistakes; it’s about learning how to write more effectively. The tool doesn’t just spot grammar errors; it suggests vocabulary improvements and evaluates the tone and clarity of your writing. Imagine elevating your emails, reports, and documents to an impressive professional standard, leaving zero room for misunderstandings and boosting your productivity immediately.

a screenshot of Grammarly correcting text

Premium subscription: $144/year


Otter.ai completely changes how meetings and discussions work using its advanced voice recognition technology. You can effortlessly upload different file formats like AAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, and more, and Otter.ai will transcribe them with remarkable precision within minutes. Also, you can input the URL of an upcoming meeting, and it’ll transcribe that too. Otter.ai succeeds in boosting productivity by eliminating the need for tedious minute-taking and ensuring all the crucial information is secure and easily accessible.

Business plan: $240/year


You’ve encountered various project management approaches like SCRUM, Waterfall, KANBAN, or Lean. While many of these could suit your needs and objectives, choosing the right tool to structure your tasks and monitor your progress is the first step. Trello streamlines the process of wrangling projects, tasks, and collaborations. Its user-friendly interface makes tracking tasks a breeze, facilitates team communication, and guarantees everyone’s on the same page. Whether you’re a project manager, entrepreneur, or freelancer, Trello is the ultimate enhancer of project management and work efficiency.

Trello plan from $5–17.50/month


Visual content holds incredible sway over engaging audiences. Biteable stands out as a valuable online video maker service, offering simplicity and speed in crafting short, polished videos, though it comes at a relatively higher cost. This all-in-one hub allows you to seamlessly incorporate watermarks, logos, audio, and text, tailoring the created content to meet specific requirements and preferences. Adding to its appeal are its distinctive animated templates, which inject an element of fun, even though their customization options are somewhat limited.

A screenshot from the Biteable site showing the initial layout of the website

Biteable from $588/year


Countless apps compete for your attention through incessant beeping, popping up, and relentless notifications. There’s a beacon of focus amidst the chaos: Serene app, a tool that bars entry to distracting apps and websites, safeguards your focus zone. But that’s not all—Serene goes the extra mile. But it offers more: it can silence your phone, manage smart lights, and even handle your Slack status, all aimed at creating an environment for deep concentration on prioritized tasks.

$4/month (billed annually)


Maintain a sharp mind by staying well-hydrated. If you often find yourself at the end of the day realizing that your only hydration came from those two cups of morning coffee, it might be time to cultivate a healthier habit, and the WaterMinder app can help you with that. Setting up reminders ensures you drink water throughout the day while tracking your progress toward your daily hydration goals. The app even lets you personalize it to match your preferred glass or water bottle size, right down to the ounce.



A screenshot of Google Trends page with site titles and small thumbnails on the right to help boost productivity

Remain competitive and well-informed. Google Trends is invaluable in understanding public interests, uncovering their inquiries, spotlighting trending content, and showcasing pertinent keywords across different countries or regions. This data is categorized into diverse segments like Business, Technology, Entertainment, Health, and more, providing a comprehensive snapshot of search trends. Plus, if you’re curious, delving into particular search terms offers even deeper insights to fortify your strategic decisions.