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Dana Kohut

What exactly does it take to become a digital and innovative business? Is it only about implementing the latest technologies or it’s a complex process that requires structural changes and a shift in the company’s mindset?

In The Prime View, we will share thoughts and insights by some of the most audacious entrepreneurs and thought-leaders. We will talk about the key decisions you may need to take to successfully navigate digital change.

Our Process is Simple

  1. Featured guest

We bring first-hand insights on a range of topics such as FinTech, RPA, Cybersecurity, Video-On-Demand, AI, Operations Management, HealthTech.

If we’ve reached out to you, means there’s something special about you and your work that made us want to have you featured. 

  1. Research

We research your specific industry, your company’s news, updates, products, and services. Also, we look closely into your professional profile and only then come up with the questions we’d like to discuss during the interview. So, up to ten questions tailored to your industry and your professional experience. 

  1. Interview

The interview is 40 minutes max. Sometimes a little longer:). We record both video and audio of the interview.

  1. Review and approve before we publish 

We create a text draft of the interview from the recording. We don’t add anything from ourselves – the interview is your unique perspective on technology and business. And just as we said, you will have a chance to review and approve the interview text before we publish it on the website. 

  1. Video clips

We create several video clips from the interview, 5-10 minutes each to engage, communicate and serve our audience by delivering top insights. 

  1. Promotion

The Prime View has shown consistent traffic growth since its launch. Engagement and organic traffic showing continued growth.

  1. Be seen as an expert

We deliver content that resonates with our tech audience. Your expert view on technology, trends, business, regulations, and competition could bring massive value to your personal brand growth and the rise of the company’s wider awareness.