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8 Powerful Apps to Boost Your Productivity – The Prime View Team Choice

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The internet puts a wealth of information at our disposal, but instead of boosting our productivity, we often find it hard to stay focused. Many of us fail to tap into the full potential of numerous apps designed to accelerate our progress. To help you make the most of your tools, we’ve put together a […]

EU Parliament Approves AI Act, Meta Unveils ‘Human-Like’ Model, and AI Transforms Recruitment

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This week, we brought news and significant events in the artificial intelligence (AI) domain, from Meta’s “human-like” AI image creation model to the European Parliament’s approval of the AI Act and from Google’s integration of generative AI into online shopping features to Humanly’s AI-powered software, which streamlines recruiting processes and enhances efficiency in candidate selection. […]

Choosing the Right Data Store: A Comprehensive Overview of Cloud Platforms

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The growth of data necessitates effective storage, organization, and analysis to extract its full value and make informed decisions. But choosing the right data store for a company can be challenging due to the options available – there are numerous platforms to consider for cloud storage, such as Cosmos DB, Azure SQL Database, Postgres, MySQL […]