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Climbing the AI Ladder for Organizations

with Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Technical Group at IBM

AI ladder is about collecting data, organizing data, analyzing it, and infusing AI across the company.

Real-Time Data Analytics

with Mark Parmer, SVP & General Manager of Analytics, Data Science & Data Virtualization at TIBCO

Advanced streaming analytics technology

Navigating Lending Marketplace

with Jason Simon, VP of Product at LendingTree

Refinancing through a third party and unprecedented moratoriums in the history of the mortgage market.

Re-Envision Future Workforce Part 2

with Anoop Tripathi, VP of Engineering and Cloud at Automation Anywhere

RPA industry continues to mature and the value of automation is going to expand.

AI-Powered M&A Life Cycle

with Kamil Msefer, VP of Product Management at Datasite

AI tools across the entire M&A lifecycle.

Canadian Fintech Ecosystem Part 1

with Arvind Sharma, Chief Digital and Payments Officer at Central 1

Customer-driven innovations, seamless banking, and the importance of being agile to accelerate delivery.

Enabling Human-First Business Strategy

with Tracey Figurelli, EVP of Digital Innovation at RGP

Evolving in today's ever-changing marketplace, high customer retention, and strategic partnerships built on trust.

Outsourcing to Digital Shore Part 2

with Chieng Moua, Vice President of Innovations at Blue Prism

From robotic automation to knowledge management capability.

Fintech Innovations

with Roberto Arnetoli, former CTO at Prosper, co-founder of Credimi and Fairfield Marketplace

Innovation in enterprises and startups, Fintech trends, and encouraged sense of ownership in teams.