Art of Sales: Entrepreneurship and Success

with Lou Shipley, Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School

Sales has gained recognition as a critical pillar of business success.

Saving Developers the Headache of Building Permissions

with Or Weis, CEO at

Building and managing user permissions from scratch takes up valuable time and resources that businesses could spend on developing the core product.

Climbing the AI Ladder for Organizations

with Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Technical Group at IBM

AI ladder is about collecting data, organizing data, analyzing it, and infusing AI across the company.

Leading Industry with Advanced Memory Solutions

with Young Paik, Senior Director of Product Planning at Samsung Electronics

Doing AI/ML projects at scale requires much faster and much larger storage.

Operations Management in Digital World

with Chad Kalmes, Vice President, Technology and Risk at PagerDuty

Expand digital operations by flexible and agile platform.

Your Online Reputation Affects Your Success

with Pranav Desai, VP of Product Management at

Technology platform, customer-oriented company and new product called Reputation Score X.

Five Dimensions of RPA Evolution Part 1

with Anoop Tripathi, VP of Engineering and Cloud at Automation Anywhere

Accelerate RPA tools adoption at scale.

AI-Powered M&A Life Cycle

with Kamil Msefer, VP of Product Management at Datasite

AI tools across the entire M&A lifecycle.