There is a Reason Why It’s Called Innovation

“We are only at the very, very beginning of this next generation of computing, and I think that every industry leader will be the ones that transform first. I do not care what industry you are talking about.” — KIM STEVENSON, CIO, INTEL.

If you are too conservative to innovate, then you will struggle to catch up.

Innovation is intriguing. It is an incremental phenomenon that is central to progress in the world. It drives the quality of lives, and the life span itself.

Innovations are seldom spontaneous but rather a gradual process happening when ideas meet action. They happen all the time, around the world but often need to gather pace before they get going.

It is valid for almost everything we know; we often take it for granted. Like automobiles, giving us a more significant mobility degree than horses and buggies; the same with cell phones, nuclear power, and the Internet.

While some people are more innovative than others, and some environments are more conducive to innovation, we may inquire what the ultimate conditions for innovation to flourish are?

Freedom, the ability to make free choices, and experiment without being afraid to err or fail are the core conditions of discovering new things. 

In 1899 Charles H. Duell, the US patent office Commissioner said that everything that can be invented had been invented. Now you may be stunned by how wrong the man was. Would anyone have a similar idea regarding business innovation?

The price of falling behind the innovation will be much higher than keeping up with the progress. Moreover, if we want to succeed, we had better stay ahead with the innovations. How do we do that? We certainly could start by concentrating on the right side of the brain – creativity. The second one could be sharing experience, insights, and key takeaways from digital journeys to innovate, reframe, optimize, and drive change.

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