Kentik Launches AI-Enhanced Platform for Optimized Network Observability

Today, we couldn’t be happier to welcome Avi Freedman to the show. Avi is the CEO and co-founder at Kentik. Kentik is a company with a strong mission of providing businesses with comprehensive visibility and insights into their networks. Our discussion extends to innovative solutions and a new release of an AI-enhanced platform that sets a new standard for network management efficiency.

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Avi Freedman

CEO & Co-Founder at Kentik

Avi Freedman

CEO & Co-Founder at Kentik

Traditionally, network management involves dealing with routers, switches, and other infrastructure components. Now, with the rise of cloud services, SaaS vendors, and complex network architectures, the scope of management has expanded exponentially.

Moreover, the emergence of threats like denial-of-service (DoS) attacks adds another layer of complexity and urgency to the equation.

At Kentik, we leverage AI algorithms to analyze vast network data in real time and identify patterns and anomalies that human operators might overlook. This capability enables our observability platform to optimize performance, enhance security, and streamline management across diverse networks. Many of the networks comprise various devices, protocols, and environments.

Our AI-enhanced platform augments network management by automating routine tasks, such as configuration and troubleshooting. This system evolves through machine learning alongside dynamic network environments, continuously optimizing performance and resilience.

Additionally, AI-driven predictive analytics forecasts network trends and potential issues, empowering organizations to address challenges proactively.

At the heart of effective network management lies the ability to monitor, analyze, and understand network behavior in real-time. Historically, observability tools have focused on providing insights and troubleshooting capabilities.

However, they are inefficient at addressing the evolving challenges of modern networks.

Therefore, our approach to anomaly detection has expanded in two key areas. The first one is generative models that excel at translating natural language into actionable insights. It also produces predictions about potential issues (we’re gearing up to introduce a co-pilot feature, allowing users to interact with the product using natural language.)

Yet, our primary emphasis lies in root cause analysis—not just identifying a problem but also providing insights into why it occurred. This is a delicate process, especially in infrastructure, where a wrong move could disrupt essential services like Zoom.

In addition to the generative models, we’re constructing a semantic model that shows how things function. This sets Kentik apart from many other companies because generative models can generate intriguing insights but cannot assess their correctness.

By combining these models, we verify the coherence of the generated insights and recommendations, ensuring they align with the reality of the infrastructure.

We’re taking a cautious approach, integrating machine learning techniques, generative AI, and semantic models to offer users valuable insights. This also allows us to facilitate natural language interaction, and guide them in optimizing their infrastructure.

A large warehouse with many stored items close together used to represent the Ai-Enhanced Platform.

Managing networking costs has become a top priority alongside troubleshooting, security, and performance. Kentik’s AI-driven approach addresses this need by providing comprehensive visibility into network traffic patterns. This visibility enables enterprises to identify inefficiencies and optimize resource utilization effectively.

One of our core capabilities lies in

  • analyzing network traffic
  • pinpointing inefficiency
  • pinpointing excess spending areas
  • identifying unnecessary communication paths
  • optimizing data transfer routes in the cloud-centric environment, where data transfer between cloud regions can incur substantial costs.

By consolidating network infrastructure and streamlining data flows, Kentik helps organizations reduce bandwidth costs and improve operational efficiency.

Moreover, AI-powered observability extends beyond cost optimization to encompass performance enhancement and risk mitigation.

By detecting anomalies and identifying potential security threats in real time, Kentik provides organizations with an opportunity to proactively address issues before they escalate. This goes a long way toward safeguarding business-critical applications and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Through a holistic approach to network management, we enable organizations to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and drive business success in today’s interconnected world.