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Today, we’re so thrilled to welcome to the podcast, Jeevantika Lingalwar. Jeevantika is a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft. She is working with partners in Ireland to remove their technical blockers and help them maximize their Microsoft Partnership benefits. She is a Msc. In Cloud Computing and a B.E in Computer Science Engineering. Jeevantika is passionate about Women in Technology and Diversity & Inclusion and is nominated for various women in tech leadership awards in Ireland. Award Winner: WomenTech Global Ambassador Award of the year 2021.

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Jeevantika Lingalwar

Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft

Could you tell us more about the steps in your career that have led you to your current position?

In my final year in computer science at Nagpur University in India, I got a job in Mumbai as an Android application developer. But at that time, I was not interested in the computing field because I saw myself in the film industry or the recording. After all, I was an athlete, and I was good at dancing and singing. But soon I realized that competition in these industries is super tough and decided to focus on computer science, one of the hot areas where many preferred to jump in. 

In 2018, I came to Ireland to further studies and do my masters in cloud computing. There soon after graduation, I got a job in one of the logistics in Ireland; again, I started as a cloud engineer but within three months, I was promoted to Chief Technology Officer. And that’s when my confidence level boosted up even while living in a foreign country.

You are the founder of International Women in Tech and have built a community where you mentor and coach women who aspire to build their careers in tech. Tell us more about your motivation to start the organization and the organization’s goals?

My motivation to start International Women in Tech was to help other students studying in foreign countries. Living and studying in a foreign country is not always easy as there are few people who you can turn to for help. So, I created a platform for females early in their careers because if I alone could not help everybody, I knew that someone would be able to help the other person in a large group of people. 

So, we started the group with ten women and slowly reached more than 3500 members. Now, International Women in Tech host events for the members within the community, bring experts to speak about mindfulness coaching, talk about technology trends to help females lead their careers in the IT space. As the name says, the organization is not just for Ireland but for people from all over the globe. As a part of our mission, we help organizations explore diversity and inclusion and build a community for women in tech within their workspace.

What can organizations do in their diversity D&I strategy, except for having the gender balance of their equity?

Every organization should actively listen to their employees and understand that D&I is not just about having males and females represented equally in their organization. But it’s mainly about accessibility. 

My observation tells that many organizations have made Inclusion a business. They may have a similar mission to ours at International Women in Tech, but you would still have to pay to join an event, have a mentoring session, or become a member. At International Women in Tech, we do not charge organizations to host events; we do not charge members to join the organization because we commit to helping women without having any financial or commercial expectations. International Women in Tech is different; the only thing that we want is to know that our members support each other by teaching, training and sharing knowledge.

What would you say the major trends in cloud technology will be in the next decade?

Just as money is essential for the survival of any business, technology is a catalyst for its growth. Companies are constantly redefining and modernizing their operations to incorporate the latest and trending technologies within their workspace. Because if you want to remain competitive, it’s essential to stay abreast of what’s coming next so that you can gear up for the future. And there are certain technologies within the cloud, which are taking a boom and will be helpful in the future. 

The growing need for both flexibility and reliable security has ushered in a period of growth for hybrid and multi-cloud setups. Now just having a cloud or several clouds is not enough. But dividing those clouds into containers makes it possible for companies to develop microservices and applications requiring different storage, security, and configuration features. So this is what companies are going to leverage in the future. 

If you could provide one tip for someone considering starting up in the IT sphere, what would it be and why?

The only thing that I always advise to everybody – be fearless, be confident, and do what makes you happy. Being in the technology and management space is giving me all the happiness that I need—helping women in tech and mentoring many people is my way to contribute to a better future for all of us. 

Jeevantika, it’s been such a joy to have you on the show. Thank you so much for your fearless mission to help women succeed in their careers in tech!

Stay tuned for more great interviews coming your way!

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