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Pragmatism and Empathy: Vision and Future of Tech

with Lisa Shissler Smith, Engineering Manager at Netflix

Unconventional career journey and driving innovation at Netflix.

Leading through Adversity: Reface’s CEO on Navigating Growth, Morale, and Strategy

with Anton Volovyk, Co-CEO at Reface

In this interview episode, we are honored to sit and talk to Anton Volovyk, the co-CEO of Reface. Anton shares his perspective on leadership, adaptability, and the continuous pursuit of innovation by creating cutting-edge products and thriving amidst challenging circumstances of operating in war-torn Ukraine. Watch the full interview episode here! Anton Volovyk, Co-CEO at […]

Petcube: From Ukraine to Global Pet Tech Leader

with Alex Neskin, Co-Founder&CTO at Petcube

Petcube has revolutionized the way we interact with and care for our pets.


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Ethical and Trustworthy AI

with Beena Ammanath, Executive Director of Deloitte AI Institute

Interview with Janani Narayanan – Product Management Excellence

with Janani Narayanan, Director of Product at Salesforce

Pragmatism and Empathy: Vision and Future of Tech

with Lisa Shissler Smith, Engineering Manager at Netflix

Big Data: A Double-Edged Sword for Society and Individual Freedom

With Sander Klous, Partner for Big Data&Analysis at KPMG

She Talks Tech – ValidKube and DevOps Trends

with Rona Hirsch, DevOps Engineer at Komodor

Our guests worked at global companies:


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Amberflo: The Inevitable Rise of Usage-Based Pricing
with Puneet Gupta, Co-Founder&CEO at

Today we are happy to welcome Puneet Gupta to the show. Puneet is the CEO and Co-Founder of and a former General Manager at AWS. From speaking with Puneet, we can say he sits in the top tier echelon of truly special entrepreneurs with a combination of intelligence, passion and focus on building a game-changing company. […]

Operations Management in Digital World
with Chad Kalmes, Vice President, Technology and Risk at PagerDuty

Expand digital operations by flexible and agile platform.

Evolving Virtualization Infrastructure and Memory Storage
with Duncan Epping, Chief Technologist Cloud Infrastructure at VMware

Finding a solution that will allow having more memory against the lower costs.

On Cloud Nine: Innovations in The Media Industry
with Shahar Bar, Senior Vice President of Video Products & Corporate Development at Harmonic Inc.

Impact of cloud technologies in the media industry.

Future-Focused Leader – From Team Work to Tech Innovations
with Elisa Hebert, VP of Engineering Operations at Fairwinds

Strong engineering organization comes from the executive level pushing authority and decision-making down.

Low Code Permissions Startup Launches Powerful Access Controls

with Or Weis, CEO&Co-Founder at

This week we had the pleasure of talking to Or Weis, CEO&Co-Founder at The company builds unprecedented permission tool that allows flexibility and full visibility into maintaining the complex system of enterprise permissions. Before starting his venture at Permit, Or was a founder at Rookout, a company that provides secure and fast data access. […]


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ChatGPT Legal Challenges, European AI Testing Centers, and a Future with Robots Outnumbering Humans